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terms of conditions

Carrying out programming, designing and all Creatix Code services differ according to the customer’s requirements, so we study the requests of our work first and then give him a work plan containing all the details he needs from the work cycle and delivery period to finish the project and the rest of the information he needs
– Some projects are executed on the client server and the source code is delivered.
– Others do not have a server, our company provides them with the server and provides them with full insurance and all the files are in their hands.
– In matters of designs, the client gets all the open source files so that he can modify them later if he needs to.
– We provide all the formulas required by our client

Because the Critex Code services are diverse and do a lot of software and create small, medium and large systems, so we provide more than one way to receive payments.

For some projects, we can receive 50% of the total project as a deposit and the rest of the amount after delivery.

Some projects that need a few weeks are divided into installments in agreement with the client at the beginning.

And some other systems and long-term projects that need long months, in which we receive payments in a system (the payment is before the stage) until the project is completely finished and then we provide the required support.

We accept all major credit cards, wu and PayPal as forms of payment.
YES, We offer a money-back guarantee for all of our services, so customers can feel confident that they will be satisfied with the results.
However, the cancellation process should be taken into account (before the project team started), for example, in software projects, we guarantee you a refund unless 3 days have passed from the date of receiving your project and receiving the first payment.
In designs, we guarantee you a refund unless 48 hours have passed from the date of sending the first payment.


The company has the right to change the policies in line with the rights of the company and the customer and to provide him with full protection in time and money

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